Meet Dee Dee

If you're struggling with finding the time or the know-how to care for your books, then it's time to give me a call.

Dee Dee

 My name is Dee Dee Huey, and I am the founder of Sage Solutions. I have been interested in finances since I was a small child. I first began my education in accounting while in high school and then later completed my Bachelor’s in Accounting at the University of Mobile in Mobile, Alabama.

I have held several different finance positions serving industries such as medical supplies, physician offices, non-profit organizations, and real-estate investments ranging from seven to eight figures in revenue, allowing me to offer a variety of extensive experience.

My most memorable moment in my professional career was gained while working for Blackjack Real-Estate in Pensacola, Florida. As the initial employee, I wore several hats that aided the business owner in growing his business over three million dollars in three years. Because of this, I was promoted to finance manager, and began to realize I could help many more people this same way by starting my own business.
Fast forward, and Sage Solutions was born.  I have a deep love for accounting and desire to make sense of numbers to business owners. I manage a team of rock star bookkeepers who are dedicated to helping you run your business efficiently while staying compliant. We offer years of experience in bookkeeping and accounting, serving industries like service, construction, and real-estate investing. In addition, I am a certified Profit First professional.
As a Profit First professional, I manage your cash flow by implementing a plan that ensures your taxes are paid, operating expenses are available, you get a salary, and most importantly, there is a profit at the end of each quarter. If you are struggling with finding the time or know how to care for your books, then it is time to give me a call. Let me help you free up your time so that you can get back to what you are good at…growing your business! Sage Solutions is excited to help you maintain your records and grow your business. 

Sage Solutions is excited to help you both maintain your records and grow your business.

Who We Are

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What We Do

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