What is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is the process of recording
financial transactions for a business.

Bookkeeping is a subfield of accounting. It deals with the processing and interpretation of all types of financial information. Bookkeeping is an ongoing record of a business’s daily transactions. It does not deal with taxes, auditing, budgeting or any other types of accounts. However, the reports that bookkeepers do generate are the foundation for all other accounting activities and help accountants and managers do their jobs. 

At Sage Solutions, we’re a team of certified professional bookkeepers dedicated to keeping your business running efficiently as well as staying in compliance with the IRS.

If you’re a real estate investor, business owner or entrepreneur, you’re likely familiar with the concept of bookkeeping. Properly keeping track of your daily financials is an essential part of every business. Many business owners struggle to keep up with their bookkeeping necessities by themselves. Staying on top of your business’s finances can be very time-consuming and can also take away from both your ability and time to efficiently operate your business. Bookkeeping is used for analyzing, verifying and reporting the results. It’s also the principles and procedures of the accounting system. This is where Sage Solutions can help.

Every business needs a bookkeeper because you may not have time or know how. 
Bookkeeping is one of the few services a business can not go without. 

Here are 9 necessities that Sage Solutions can do for you:



  1. Issue invoices to customers
  2. Ensure invoices are paid on time
  3. Verify and pay invoices from vendors
  4. Monitor expenses
  5. Generate payroll
  6. Pay payroll taxes for you
  7. Rectify accounting errors
  8. Help the business stay compliant with federal and state laws
  9. Complete many more tasks that keep the business running smoothly

Why Invest in Sage Solutions Bookkeeping Services?

The certified professional bookkeepers at Sage Solutions have many years of experience working with businesses to correctly maintain their books. And for you, as a real estate investor or a small business owner, it will be a huge benefit for you to trust us with handling this side of your operation.


Here are a few other reasons you may invest in Sage Solutions to help your business:

1. You can maximize your working time, and focus on your business

Maintaining a business isn’t easy. As a smaller business, you’re often expected to work, and personally meet the needs of your customers, each and every day. You’re overseeing employees, talking to HR, holding meetings, leading sales calls or meeting with clients. These things are incredibly important for you to be involved in, but many business owners are forced to prioritize their time away from those very important aspects to focus on the financials. Without a bookkeeper, these aspects can be a difficult balancing act. 

With Sage Solutions, we take away that stress and let you get back to what you do best: growing your business.
2. No technical mistakes

Unless you are a professional bookkeeper yourself, it’s possible that you will eventually make a mistake when handling your records. Businesses have much to contend with, and ensuring that everything is maintained properly can be difficult for someone who is not a trained professional. It’s unfortunate, but the risks are there. At Sage Solutions, we can minimize that risk by keeping track of your expenses while making sure that nothing is misplaced, no documents are overlooked, and most importantly, that your numbers are accurate.

3. Payments will be made on time, every time
When running a business, it’s crucial that payments to the right parties are made on time. Deadlines are incredibly important, and missing them can mean trouble for a business owner. But oftentimes, it becomes overwhelming to maintain. It can be especially difficult to maintain taxes, because there are documents to prepare and maintain, receipts to process and federal and state requirements that must be considered as well. Even the smallest mistake can lead to an audit–or worse, legal trouble. Whether it’s to third-party vendors or the IRS, any payment that your business owes can be processed through us. We will ensure that each one is made on time, and that all the requirements are met during tax season.

In summary, investing in us will save you time as well as the worry about how to keep your business financials properly.

Sage Solutions is excited to help you both maintain your records and grow your business. Ready to get started? 

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